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For any agency, triumphant pitches are the pulse of success. To secure more wins, agencies must perfect a pitch deck, transform their creds deck, and create templates that radiate creativity and uniqueness.

Pitch presentations have evolved beyond plain information delivery systems. They’re now seen as one of the ideal platforms to spotlight your agency’s creativity. They cast a glow that makes your prowess undeniable to potential clients.

The best agencies craft pitches that illuminate their ideas, using professionally designed presentations to drive home their messages with force, capture new business and change minds.

More effective pitches equates directly to more business, and these presentation tools will help make it happen. Here are the 3 things agencies need to win more pitches.

1. A powerful pitch deck

In a pitch, your need to show off your company, and your ideas, in the most effective and impactful way. Why? Because the people you’re pitching to aren’t just interested in your service. They’re buying into your creativity, your brand, your processes AND your people.

Clients judge you by what you present to them, regardless of how polished your website is or how swanky your marketing materials are.

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And those presentations are often the first thing a potential client will see of your brand. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that the pitch presentation you use represents your agency in the way you want it to. However, bland bulletpoints plastered across shoddy slides just won’t cut it.

A professionally designed PowerPoint deck, on the other hand, will amplify your offering. It flaunts your professionalism and imprints an unforgettable first impression.

2. A comprehensive creds deck

The most successful pitches are tailored to the prospect – because there’s simply no such thing as a great one-size-fits-all pitch deck.

Your powerful pitch deck provides the perfect basis for your pitches, and your creds deck back that up.

A credentials deck weaves together the story of your company, introducing your brand, your company ethos and your messaging into a gripping narrative.

Including case studies, client testimonials, examples of your work, and other standardised content transforms a creds deck into the spine of your personalised pitches.

This versatile PowerPoint tool allows you to save crucial time by inserting ready-prepared and up-to-date slides into a new pitch. You build a uniquely tailored presentation, every time.

3. A tailored creds deck template

A powerful pitch deck, plus a comprehensive creds deck, provides the arsenal you need to put together effective, visually impressive pitches.

A robust PowerPoint template evolves with your agency. You get the flexibility to add to and update them well into the future.

As time goes by and your agency grows, you’ll add exciting new case studies, testimonials and data to your pitches to really wow your prospects. A branded template makes this simple, allowing you and your team to create professional-looking slides with ease.

Equipped with these three must-haves, you can readily concoct engaging, customised presentations that clinch wins, time after time.

The essential time-saving tool

Picture this: a golden pitch opportunity arises. You immediately drive into planning mode, using your pro presentation tools to sculpt your pitch, weaving relevant insights into the deck.

You’ll be able to move with confidence that your fancy new deck will look great and work effectively.

Templates save hours and tonnes of stress, leaving you to focus on the unique essence of your pitch. No more time wasted on repetitive tasks. Instead, choose to invest that energy into crafting a epic presentation to win that pitch.

A quick little pitch deck case study

Global marketing technology agency, Modo25, tapped into our expertise to get this transformation. We crafted a robust PowerPoint template and an impactful credentials deck that revitalised their pitch process completely.

We provided Modo25 with the assets they needed to enhance and modernise their process. Modo25’s CEO John Readman speaks highly of his new presentation materials. He says, “I took this project not just as an investment in the brand and a pitch deck, it’s about efficiency.”

The new assets allow the agency to elevate the quality of their pitch decks with precision and speed. “We’ve only just started using [the presentation assets] but it’s already not only saving us time, but also giving us a lot of brand control,” said John.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you transform your pitch process and smash your next big pitch.

Sell more. Win bigger. Present better.

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