Where to Find Free Images for Presentations

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Six places to find free images to use in presentations


Crafting brilliant content and designing engaging slides with a brilliant outsourced PowerPoint agency is just step one. You need impeccable images.


Getting the perfect images for your presentation can be hard, especially for those of us who are, how to put this politely, graphically challenged.

But worry not! There are plenty of free (or moderately priced) online services that offer vast selections of images tailored perfectly to your needs.

Here’s a glimpse into our six favourite destinations, including a game-changing AI-driven solution…

1. Unsplash

Unsplash is a firm favourite here at Future Present. It boasts a huge library of completely free, high-quality images, great for your presentation. From your standard stock images of “business people looking happy around laptops” (which we all need from time to time), to breath-taking landscapes, Unsplash has it all.

With new additions each week and an Explore option to browse curated lists, inspiration is never in short supply.

2. Gratisography

Quirky and memorable, Gratisography provides free images that are undeniably unique.

Whether you need something comical or a standard landscape shot, this site promises “photos you just won’t find anywhere else”.

3. Pixabay

Pixabay is another superb free image site, and this one also stocks short video clips. It’s community-based, and the site boasts millions of high-quality photographs, all of which can be used for commercial purposes without accreditation.

Pixabay is doubly useful to presentation makers due to the wealth of video on there, too. And, as PowerPoint standards evolve alongside the tech we’re all using, incorporating video content is going to become a must-have.

4. Freepik

Freepik distinguishes itself from the other image libraries by blending photographs with illustrative graphics. From icons and vectors to conventional stock images, everything you need for various occasions is there – even for stuff like wedding invites.

The perfect place for a two-birds-one-stone job. It’s well organised, downloadable and best of all, free. We know, we were shocked, too.

5. New Old Stock

Tapping into the past to enrich the future, New Old Stock offers a wealth of public domain images so aged that there’s guaranteed to be no licence fee attached! Score!

From beautiful sceneries to historical moments (like NASA astronauts in training), these pictures are suitable for loads of different creative scenarios, and can add a touch of nostalgia to a deck.

6. DALL-E 2

The future is empowering your creativity through AI. With AI, it’s never been easier to get that charcoal rendering of Albert Einstein making his way through a door to the Metaverse that you just NEED to put into your new deck.

It sounds fantastical, but with AI it’s now possible to make pretty much any image you could ever need. DALL-E 2‘s AI-driven tools enable you to create customised images without worrying about rights restrictions. This tech opens up endless possibilities, making your presentations more engaging, personalised, and even surreal if you dare. The future of imagery is in your hands, powered by AI.

And if you’re feeling a bit lost, we’re here to be your all-in-one presentation hub, managing all your PowerPoint design and development needs. Whether you’re delivering TED Talks or sales pitches, our 24/7 service ensures you and your team are well-equipped for any public speaking occasion.

Talk to us today and find out how we can make your life easier.

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