Why Should Marketers Care About PowerPoint?

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Five reasons marketing professionals should care about PowerPoint


As marketing professionals, you’ve invested time and effort to perfect your company’s brand. Don’t let that hard work unravel through shoddy, off-brand presentations.


You’ve honed your website, your marketing materials and social campaigns to perfection. So wouldn’t it be infuriating if a salesperson were to ignore all that hard work and go rogue across some rubbish decks?

That’s precisely why getting on board with PowerPoint is essential. It’s more than just a tool for slides; it’s a platform that can amplify your branding efforts.

Whether you currently use them or not, PowerPoint presentations have the capacity to capture the imagination of your audience. They can also convince potential clients to buy from you.

Done right, a marketing presentation can show off your brand, product, or business in the way that you want it to be seen. And investing in company-wide PowerPoint templates means you’re always in control of how your sales team are pitching your brand.

Unconvinced? Here are five reasons to get behind PowerPoint.

1. It’s the first face-to-face touch point with your brand

PowerPoint presentations might be way down your list of important marketing tools, sales presentations are often the first face-to-face touch point a potential client will have with your brand. You know, that thing you’ve worked late each night perfecting and obsessing over.

As an expert marketer, you need to exert some control over that first interaction. A well-designed, and properly branded, PowerPoint deck, can do that. A PowerPoint deck built by your team, not the vagabond salesperson, to show your company off in an impactful and professional manner.

Now, that prospect will see and hear only the things you want them to see and hear. Your brand assets will always be consistent, even between different salespeople’s presentations. That consistency leaves a positive first impression, and first impressions count.

2. It’s a versatile and flexible way to pitch

PowerPoint presentations are no longer confined to a linear sequence of slides. Features like hyperlinked menus or the Zoom feature in Office 365 provide a dynamic platform that encourages interactive conversations.

Implementing menus this way means your sales team can quickly jump between subjects without fumbling through dozens of slides.

Your sales rep can say “what do you want to see next?” or “which of these challenges do you have in your business?” during their pitch. This makes for conversational presenting, enhancing the pitch, encouraging upselling and ensuring that the sales team always has access to essential info.

3. Your message can be 100% compliant

Let’s be honest, rogue salespeople are a marketing department’s worst nightmare. Standardising your company’s PowerPoints helps to ensure your messaging stays consistent and compliant to your branding.

Every deck will reflect the thoughtful brand identity your organisation wants to be perceived as, regardless of whether the slides have been created in-house or outsourced.

That consistency will then be mirrored across your website and other assets, strengthening your brand’s cohesive and professional image. It’s not just about controlling the narrative; it’s about amplifying your brand voice.

4. Enhanced collaboration

PowerPoint is a great tool for collaborating between marketing and sales. When seeking remote collaboration, many people make the move to Google Slides, thinking its a better platform for cloud-based working. It’s not. And unless you know it really well … it can look utterly rubbish.

PowerPoint now deals with this way better than it used to. All users now have a OneDrive account, which can be used for a hell of a lot more than just saving pictures of your kids. Through Office 365, all your decks are automatically backed up. This means they’re safe AND accessible from anywhere with an internet connection – even if you’re missing your own PC and copy of PowerPoint.

With integration into Teams, you can work alongside anyone in your network, regardless of where they are on the planet. That means live, collaborative editing, updates and note making on any deck.

And y’know, the presentation will still look awesome. (Unlike a Google Slides presentation)

5. RoI

Investing in a professional designed PowerPoint presentation will reap dividends. It can be adapted and repurposed across the sectors of your business, and will help you to win over new clients.

It’s more than just a slide show; it’s a versatile tool that can be updated and edited as things change, reflecting the dynamic nature of your brand and maximising your reach.

[highlight]PowerPoint is the ideal marketing tool.[/highlight]

A well-executed presentation can be the difference between a successful sale and a wasted opportunity. Don’t gamble with something as vital as this – invest in PowerPoint. If creating your presentations seems daunting, why not just outsource to the pros? That’s us. We bring the expertise needed to make your slide deck as spectacular as they can be.

Your brand deserves nothing less.

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