The Outsourcing Advantage: 5 Reasons to Outsource Your Presentations

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Your time is precious. Don’t waste it wrestling with PowerPoint; instead, get a five-star deck without the faff when you outsource your presentation to a team of experts.

A Time-Saving Marvel

Crafting a top-notch deck, the kind of deck that can win hearts and change minds, isn’t a five-minute task. It’s part art, part science and part mystical journey into the mystical depths of PowerPoint. And time is, obviously, a precious commodity in business. It’s the currency that drives innovation, seals deals and keeps the world of commerce spinning.

By outsourcing your presentations, you aren’t just delegating a task. You’re embracing the power of efficiency. Imagine those hours you’d otherwise spend wrestling with slides, images and fonts. Those hours are now yours, reclaimed and ready to fill with stuff that truly matters – strategy, growth, innovation, outreach, onboarding, schmoozing, ping pong with prospects. Whatever floats your little corporate boat.

Expert Touch

Outsourcing isn’t synonymous with relinquishing control. It means you gain an arsenal of presentation experts at your beck and call. Professional presentation designers eat, breathe and sleep presentations. They understand the nuances of audience engagement, design aesthetics and proper storytelling.

With an outsourced team, you’re not just getting pretty slides; you’re also getting a storytelling masterclass. They’ll weave your data into captivating narratives, transforming your presentations into properly riveting stories ready to resonate with any audience.

Unwavering Consistency

Consistency is the cornerstone of a solid brand, and your decks are no exception to that rule. Each slide should feel like a harmonious part of the whole to ensure your message takes centre stage. Maintaining this consistency in-house, when you’ve got a whole sales team chopping up outdated decks across multiple projects, is virtually impossible.

Outsourcing to presentation pros ensures that every presentation aligns with your brand’s voice, style and visual identity. You can rest easy knowing that every pitch adheres to your brand’s exacting guidelines and speaks in the tone you’ve approved.


Time is money, and quality is almost priceless. It might seem unlikely before you do the maths, but outsourcing can actually be the budget-friendly option for your new decks. You’re not just paying for a service; you’re investing in expertise and efficiency. The average salesperson spends 31% of their time either creating assets or hunting for content to populate decks. If we consider the average salary of a salesperson to be £43,586 (let’s round it up to £50k for easy maths), outsourcing could save you £15,500 every danged year. Per salesperson. When we put it like that, it’s a bargain.

Built-In Flexibility

Business is dynamic, and so are your presentation needs. Sometimes you’ve got a tight turnaround to get a dazzling sales pitch out, other times you’ve got an internal report to sharpen up before you present to the board. Maybe you’ve only got a four-minute presentation slot to blow some minds and you need some help shoving a story into your slides. Outsourcing connects you to a vast pool of experts ready to tackle any type of presentation. It’s the versatile sidekick your business deserves.

Basically, presentation outsourcing is more than a smart move; it’s a step that allows you to harness the full power of your presentations, make efficient use of your resources and keep your brand’s identity cohesive and strong. It’s the key to unlocking consistent pitch success and, above all, gets you delivering the kinds of presentations that win hearts (and deals). The future is here, and it’s outsourced – are you ready to embrace it? Get in touch today.

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