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From outdated PowerPoint templates to modern elegance, Bink’s slides got a runway-worthy transformation.

The Problem

Bink had everything they needed to create stellar slides, but they wanted our help to dissect the content and inject design expertise. The card-linked loyalty program company was ready for modern, fresh and exciting presentations - no more outdated PowerPoint templates, run-of-the-mill visuals or lacklustre copy.

Our Solution

We listened closely to Bink’s vision to give the slides a complete makeover without sacrificing brand identity. Saying goodbye to old-school gradients and crowded visuals, we introduced a raft of subtle movement, trimmed down the copy and incorporated human-touch imagery.

The Outcome

Bink’s decks went from retro to modern elegance. Clean, engaging and narrative-driven, they hit every note. Today, audiences don’t just watch Bink's slides - they connect with them. Their brand stands tall with decks as effective as they are elegant.

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