INEOS, a global chemical company with an outstanding profile, was ready to give their presentations an energising boost. With clear, powerful visuals, our team gave INEOS’s slides a Future Present fuel injection.

The Problem

INEOS needed a smart, vibrant deck to reflect the diversity of their work. They knew stock imagery and standard fonts just couldn't communicate their brand's energy, so they called in our team to inject the deck with a dose of dynamism and style.

Our Solution

We worked to bring unity with clear and impactful design and breathed life into the charts and graphs with eye-catching animation. Swapping out standard fonts, we introduced sleek new ones for a polished finish.

The Outcome

We used a powerful colour palette and bold design to keep the visuals clean while delivering on impact. Transforming the complex into digestible and dynamic nuggets, our team helped INEOS tell their story with greater clarity and flair.

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