Sunnamusk wanted a high-end PowerPoint template to showcase their elegant fragrances. We built a luxurious, versatile asset deck that checked all of their boxes.

The Problem

Sunnamusk, a London-based brand crafting Arabic fragrances, wanted a bespoke PowerPoint template to showcase and sell their products to wide-ranging audiences. They aimed to evoke a high-end, luxurious feel to reflect their brand identity while delivering key information, sharing data illustrations and going in-depth on individual product profiles.

Our Solution

We started with a rich colour palette, integrating ivory white, rattan taupe and midnight black and accents shades in gold and brown. Alongside Sunnamusk’s gorgeous images, we delivered a suite of icons, maps, charts and graphs in branded colours for a smooth and cohesive deck. Finally, we brought the brand’s elegant perfume bottles to the forefront.

The Outcome

Sunnamusk’s comprehensive template combines clear data visuals, a cohesive colour palette and beautiful visuals to create a lavish effect. We delivered a versatile template that could be used as a solid foundation to create beautiful, branded and consistent presentations for years to come.

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